Thermo Scientific General Purpose (GP) Series Lab Freezers

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Maintain daily lab applications with the help of Thermo Scientific™ General-Purpose (GP) Series freezers, which feature digital controls and excellent temperature stability. Available in 3 different sizes/capacities the GP series features excellent temperature range (-12° - 30°C) and uniformity (±3°C) and are controlled with a digital temperature controller with an intuitive interface. Security is a top feature of these lab freezers with keyed on/off switches, control panel with key lock, lockable doors and high/low temperature alarms. All GP units are UL listed and are constructed of high quality materials and come with castors for easy mobility. Low noise levels are maintained by the quiet refrigeration system.

  • Three sizes to suit you lab space needs
  • Available with or without chart recorders
  • -12° to -30°C temperature range (factory setpoint -30°C)
  • Digital temperature controller with intuitive interface
  • Excellent temperature stability of ±3°C
  • High-density, flourine free insulation
  • Keyed on/off switch
  • High/Low temperature, Visual/Audio alarms
  • Lockable doors
  • Easily accessible contacts for backup monitoring
  • Door ajar alarm
  • Castors for easy mobility with levelling for better stability
  • Quiet refrigeration system for low noise levels
  • 1" rear access port
  • UL Listed

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